Benefits of a Website

There is no benefit to having a website unless it is part of your basic marketing strategy. There is no "one size website fits all".

  • A website for a small local company can be as simple as an advert in the Yellow Pages.
  • You may have a small range of specialist products to advertise across the world.
  • With the advent of paypal you can sell goods over the internet by credit card payment.
  • As a large corporate you may want to communicate your brand image worldwide.
  • As a charity you may want to obtain funds and help through your website.

How you communicate with your customers and how you gather information on your customers about their needs and wants is a vital part of staying in business and making profits. The Internet is open for business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is one of the most powerful tools in the world to help you create the image and client base that you personally need for your business. The Internet gives you access to your customers direct to their homes and offices in a way no other medium can.

All this can be achieved with an investment from a few hundred pounds to many thousands depending on your individual requirements. The skills of Croftonite Limited will ensure you spend your money wisely and not create a "White Elephant".

Six blind men were taken to "experience" an elephant.

"The elephant is like a pillar," said the one feeling the leg. "No. It isn't. It's like a rope," said the one holding on to its tail. "I think it is more like a fire hose," said the one who ran his hands on its trunk. "Why. It's more like a sharp sword," said the one that was assessing how sharp the elephant's tusks were. "I think it's more like a big flag," said the one touching its ears. "You are all wrong. It's more like a big wall," said the one next to its belly.

In a sense, the elephant that each of these people experienced is reality to them. How does it relate to Internet marketing? It's figuring out who you are marketing to and what their reality is.

For those who use email a lot, the Internet is email.
Some, who use the Web a lot, the Internet is the World Wide Web. If the only email they use is Web based, the Web is email also to them.
Others, it's one big international chat room.
For those who get their news from the Internet it is their source of news.
Marketing on the Internet suffers from the same problem as the descriptions of the elephant. There are so many aspects and dimensions to the Internet that matching the right marketing strategy to your products or services involves understanding the "true nature" of the Internet.

The abundant amount of 'one-size-fits-all' advice being handed out about the Internet leaves many wondering how it relates to what they are trying to sell over the Internet. Books on Internet marketing have bits and pieces of flashy sites that do something different from the others. Novelty attracts visitors, many of them never to be seen or heard from again.

What are the different parts of the Internet elephant that an Internet marketer must understand?

Without marketing, registering a domain name and building a web site is not much different than getting a phone number and wondering why no one has called.
Web sites are of no use unless someone already knows about it from somewhere else.
A web site may not be right for your company.
Targeted email may be a better vehicle for you.
Loosely based on a tale by Nari Kannan

What is an Intranet and how would it benefit my company?

An Intranet is a company Internet. It is essentially a series of internal web pages that a company can use to communicate ideas and discussion between staff and between offices.
An Intranet is a very effective way of linking up staff through providing them with a cost effective medium to communicate ideas and inform them of current policies, events and company strategies. This gives employees the opportunity to voice their opinions and contribute new ideas, making them feel an important part of the company.
Through improving the internal communication in your company and giving staff more of an opportunity to get involved with company decisions staff will become increasingly motivated and become more productive.

If you are not convinced that the Internet can play a part in your business Croftonite Limited are happy to talk this through with you to help you understand what the potential really is for your particular business.

If you believe that the Internet must play a part in your business Croftonite Limited will work with you to help you build your internet marketing strategy to provide a cost effective, focused and efficient website to enhance your business.